How to boost your freelance working day

1. Your Workspace:
– First thing you need to do is to setup your #Workspace…try to have less cables as you can, use a wireless mouse and keyboard and try to plug an external screen to your laptop.

– Get your desk organized… I usually leave a space on my right hand to have some area for a paper and pencil for drawing, or sometimes I use the wireless keyboard space to place my piece of paper or #moleskine.

– Make your space decorated and attractive… Use some paintings, artwork, flowers and your favorite toys and set a warm light on your side.


2. Your Tools:
– You need to have nice headphones, regular papers, #moleskine, black ink pens, pencils to write down your thoughts and sketches.
a stylos will be great in this case… it will help you to sketch your ideas faster.

– You will also need a #backpack, laptop sleeve, a nice attractive mouse pad and a stylish sunglasses.

– Always put your mobile phone and your music player on your desk.
French press for your delicious coffee and I nice mug for your car.


3. Your music:
Your #music is very important, it will help you focus on the work and get you in the mood.
Use a cloud app to listen to your favorite music if you have a speed internet connection, or use an external hard drive to backup your music files and plug it to your laptop.


4. Refresh and compensate yourself:
– If you have a meeting with a client, try to walk for a while to your meeting point… it will help you clear your mind and organize your thoughts.

– Make sure you always interact with your mobile phone through #Whatsapp #Twitter… this will help you feel good and make you more interactive.

– Buy yourself some books if you like reading maybe in different niches other then your work field.

– Have #coffee regularly to boost your brain and engage with the world.

– Work outside once or twice a week… go to #Starbucks and have a nice outdoor seat in the sun.

– Eat well and in specific times… I usually have a breakfast at 11AM, brunch at 1PM and lunch at 4:30PM.

– Have your breakfast outside once a week to enjoy the day light if you are a morning person like me.

– Have a weekly outing with your wife/friends and go to the movies once per month if you can.

– Workout if possible.


5. Your Daily Routine:
– I believe you need to have like a daily tasks as a routine… this will be like your warming up or like a fuel to your brain.

I usually spend like 2 hours daily reading blogs or books and I like to watch TV episodes regularly every week.

– Try to practice your favorite hobby on a daily basis.


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