How to start your freelance business

Plan, measure, refine!

1- Preparation:

a) Create your personal/portfolio website.
Make sure you follow the latest coding techniques and latest design trends… hire a professional designer if needed.

b) Write a nice resume including your work experience and your powerful areas of expertise… a client will always want to see your work history and make sure that you have enough skills to hire you.
Your #resume should have a job objective, clear sections and a brief about yourself.

an online resume will be very helpful for a quick reference.
If you don’t like to build an online resume, you can upload it to your “google Drive” app and share the file URL when you want to show it to someone.

c) Design a business card.

2- Launch:

When you put your business into action… you ll need to do some marketing for your new business.

– Tell your friends and family about your new website and explain to them the services you provide.
Maybe you can prepare an outing or a small party for that announcement… about 70% of your freelance work will come from referrals.

-be more active on the internet, let the world see how you rock!

3- Follow the magic cycle I follow:


Your plan wont be always accurate and realistic… you ll always need to experiment it to real world and get some feedback so you can adapt and refine your goals and your techniques.

a) Your plan
– Think about packaging your services; clients like to have a look at a good visually designed product… they don’t like to read or learn about your services.
so make your services attractive and put everything at client’s fingertips.

– Define your target audience.

– Always launch your services in versions.
If you think about finishing everything perfectly before launching your business or your idea… YOU WILL NEVER LAUNCH IT !
You will always have new ideas and new refines… so go for an initial version first… and keep in mind that you will update this version on and on.

b) Measure
– Use some tools to measure how your business is going.

– Try to have a weekly look on your website traffic… and try to set a target page as a goal to be reached.
for example your contact page… try to measure how many users navigated to this page.

– If you have some new offers or packages… you need to measure how the audience reacted with it.
maybe the idea is not good enough to attract them or maybe you are missing some points.

– ask for experts feedback or consultancy.

c) Refine

– Using versions technique will help you always to refine how your services and products look like and it will always help you to adapt with real #market.

– Using packages will be your friend when using “plan, measure, refine” technique.
You will always be able to create new packages based on market requirements and audience reaction to your services.

– Change your target if needed.
Modern marketing science, always mentions #marketingCycles as an ultimate technique for your business… read more about that and you are ready to go.

I hope you guys found some useful info in this article for your own businesses, and please honor me with a visit to my website if you need any digital marketing or UX design consultation.


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