19 Things you need to consider when designing a social media post

What is the marketing message and the objectives of the visual?

Is the visual matching with your target audience?

Is the design consistent with the brand?

Does the design reflect the services/products the client provides?

Does the visual direct the users to the required action? Does it have a Call To Action?

Does the design reflect understanding that the brain processes images much faster than text?

Is the resolution right for the media?

Is the color mode right for the media?

Is the canvas dimension right for the posting channel?

Have you adjusted colors and brightness so the images will look right on the screen?

Did you double-check the logos and branding guidelines?

Did you check alignment and balance of your design components?

How your design will look on different devices?

Did you use more than 2 type families?

Did you use font size/weight to differentiate between content types?

Did you spellcheck everything?

Did you apply Facebook’s 20-Percent Text Rule on Ad visuals?

Did you organize your layers into sets and used an understandable naming convention?

Did you “Save For Web” after you finished the visual?

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash


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